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Kate brown. A biography of no place: from ethnic borderland to Soviet Heartland. Cambridge, Mass. :

Никифорова Елена
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Mackinder's "Heartland" theory and the Atlantic community

Sharapova Sevara
The term "Atlantic partnership" refers to the strong diplomatic and military links between the U.S. and major Western European countries such as Great Britain, Germany and France.
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Mackinder's "Heartland": a help or hindrance in understanding Central Asia's international relations

Megoran Nick , Sharapova Sevara
In 1904 the British geographer Halford Mackinder (1861-1947) delivered a paper to London's Royal Geographical Society entitled The Geographical Pivot of History.
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9/11 and the Heartland debate in Central Asia

Sengupta Anita
When five independent states emerged in the Central Asian region, in the immediate aftermath of the disintegration of the Soviet Union, what also emerged, more or less simultaneously, was a focus on certain geopolitical concepts a
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Mackinder's Heartland and the location of the geopolitical tetrahedron

Dhaka Ambrish
Sir Halford Mackinder's paper, The Geographical Pivot of History, has retained a power to engage those concerned with the analysis of epochal events in world geopolitics.
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Whither "Heartland"? Central Asia, geography and globalization

Hekimoglu Levent
This article attempts a double task. First, it looks at the main premises of Halford J.
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The great Game in the Eurasian Heartland: a new spiral

Makhmudov Rustam
The collapse of the Soviet Union revived active geopolitical processes of regional and global dimensions across Central Asia.
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This article examines the phenomenon of jihadist groups operating in the Afghanistan-Pakistan borderlands and argues that the political chaos that reigns in Kabul is contributing to the growth of jihadism in Afghanistan.